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Award-winning landscape architects serving California since 1977

About Us


Landscape architectural plan, specification and estimate (PS&E) services include site masterplanning, concept development, cost estimating, construction documents ...

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Structures aesthetic design services for highways including forms, themes, graphic design elements, colors, textures and sculptural features for bridges, abutments ...

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Environmental planning services include visual resources surveys, assessment of potential visual impacts, preparation of visual impact technical reports for EIS/EIR's ...

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Our Philosophy

Featured Projects: Fremont Grade Separations Project: Washington Boulevard, City of Fremont, CA Haygood & Associates Landscape Architects is a leader in the field of transportation and urban landscape architecture. Each project is cultivated as a trust between client and architect. That trust is respectfully developed through clear and creative communication, meticulous attention to detail and careful management of budgets and time schedules.

Maintaining clarity of vision is a central organizing principal of every project of the firm. Vision emerges from the collaboration of landscape architect and client and is sustained until the final day of construction.

Our goal is to provide a setting for the client that elegantly weaves together elements of form, function and engineering into a finished product that is beautiful, sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Partnership is a vital component of the firm's work with the client. It is in this spirit that we regard our clients, and it is the process through which we bring each project to a successful conclusion.

Key Personnel

Leah Haygood, PhD, Principal

Featured Projects - Haygood & Associates Landscape Architects, Albany, California Leah Haygood, PhD, received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Design from the University of California at Berkeley in 1965, and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Photo of Leah Haygood, PhD, Principal at Haygood & Associates Landscape Architects, Albany, California from the Center for Psychological Studies in Albany, CA in 2001. A California licensed landscape architect, she opened her own practice in 1977 after working as a landscape project manager for seven years. As principal of the firm, her duties include project oversight, contract management, urban design, visual impact assessment and technical writing and presentations to public agencies and stakeholders.

Urban design for CA state highways, municipal streetscapes/gateways, BART light rail facilities, international airports, university campuses, health care facilities, public recreation parks and commercial sites has been the focus of Leah's work in the field. She specializes in landscape planning and PS&E implementation work, design of aesthetic features for highway bridges, retaining walls and soundwalls and visual resources surveys and impact reports for EIS/EIR documents conforming to NEPA/CEQA criteria.

Charlene Saito, Senior Associate

Charlene Saito received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Virginia in 1974. She began her Photo of Charlene Saito, Senior Associate at Haygood & Associates Landscape Architects, Albany, California landscape architecture career in 1975 and joined Haygood & Associates Landscape Architects in 1989. She specializes in landscape architecture for the public sector as well as commercial developers. As a senior associate and project manager of Haygood & Associates, her duties include day-to-day project and production management, coordination with public agency staff, team members, tier 2 consultants, and utility purveyors.

Project management for CA state highways, municipal streetscapes/gateways, international airports, BART light rail facilities, commercial sites, university campuses, and health care facilities has been a key component of Ms. Saito's work in the field. In addition to landscape planning, construction document production, and landscape construction inspection, she specializes in creating computer generated photo simulations to illustrate proposed construction within existing visual environments.

Simon Kenney, Senior Associate

Simon Kenney is a highly skilled civil engineer and landscape architect, a unique and extremely valuable combination of professional qualifications that he brings to Haygood & Associates in his capacity as a Senior Associate and Project Manager. Photo of Simon Kenney, Senior Associate and Project Manager at Haygood & Associates Landscape Architects, Albany, California His recent highway experience includes projects within Routes 680, 80, and 12 and previously between 1989 and 2004 was the Senior Engineer on highway projects completed for Caltrans, Contra Costa County, City of Fairfield, Valley Transportation Authority-all in the USA and highway infrastructure projects in Kuala Lumpur and the UK.

Simon has mastered AutoCAD, Vector works, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, Illustrator and Indesign, skills that benefit the firm as he creates landscape and structures aesthetics concepts, plans, specifications and estimates and design guidelines. He is particularly adept at time and production management, keeping projects moving on schedule and meeting submittal dates.

Simon has lived in several countries and has travelled throughout the world extensively. He has experienced first-hand many cultures with diverse forms of transportation, community structures and aesthetic expression. He is versatile, excellent at communicating goals-designs-schedules, and committed to working with clients in ways that will translate their vision into an aesthetically pleasing, workable and sustainable project.

Our Background

Featured Projects: Fairfield Gateway: Travis Boulevard, City of Fairfield, CA Haygood & Associates is a landscape architecture and environmental planning firm located in Berkeley, California. Since its inception in 1977, the firm has specialized in projects for the state of California, municipalities, light rail and utility districts, institutions and private developers.

The firm's portfolio includes state highways and interchanges, municipal streetscapes and gateways, light rail passenger stations and line facilities, airports, reservoirs and pumping plants, university campuses, municipal buildings, corporation shops, neighborhood and community recreation parks, health care facilities, schools, regional malls and local shopping centers, commercial buildings and auto malls.

Featured Projects: Fairfield Gateway: Travis Boulevard, City of Fairfield, CA Computer generated photo simulations are prepared by the firm to illustrate potential projects within an existing visual environment. Our goal is to provide a photo-realistic rather than a cartoon image so that a project can be assessed by the client and the public. Documents for maps and construction documents are produced on CADD using current versions of AutoCad or Microstation depending on the requirements of the client.

Haygood & Associates is accustomed to facilitating a high level of government, user and community participation in the design process. Projects have involved public agency staff review, community meetings, public hearings, and City-wide and neighborhood design review.



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